Thursday, 5 November 2015

When I am looking for a caption...

Hey everyone,
it´s our first entry in English.
I know I promised my mum to write in German only, but I will translate some of the last entries to English, so that we can have a larger audience.
When someone tells you that a Exchange year is the best year of your life he or she is wrong. Maybe it was the best year for the Person you talking to, but it doesn´t have to be the best year for you. It is the time you learn the most of yourself!

I am here since seven weeks and when I am honest...I don´t know if my English is getting better. I still have the German Accent and most of the People say: " Oh it´s adorable" but I hate it. I can understand almost everything, but my biggest fear is to do not speak it very well after my Exchange year.
One of the great things is that you meet so many People from different countries!
I know People from China, Japan, Brazil, France, everywhere!
And I want to travel.
I want to visit my Brazilian friends or my Asian girl. I also want to learn another language. I do not know which yet, but I know that I want to.
I was at a Hockey game and I love it!  The Player have fights and are more violent than the Soccer Player. It is so much better to watch a Hockey game!
Canada is a beautiful Country! I love the nature, but honestly everywhere are trees!
You can look wherever you want and there are trees!
That is one of the reasons why I love this Country. You can be in a big City and there are still trees. For example Vancouver. It has the same size than Berlin, but is so much beautifuler than Berlin. In my opinion Berlin is Kind of boring and bleak. of course there are nice parts but Vancouver is better!
The City is green! Everywhere are trees even in the City where all the cars are!

Another crazy Thing about Canada....You can see so much animals in the City! next to my School you can See tuns of rabbits and a few weeks ago there was a cougar next to our School. We were not allowed to go near the trees what was a Little bit difficult because they are everywhere.
Or you can see deer in the evening while thy eat the garbage of People. That´s crazy! In five minuets I saw about 17 deer. That was more than I saw in the whole last year in wildlife in Germany!
It is possible to see a bear next to the City.
I remember that a few years ago there were a bear in Bayern all People were afraid, because they tought the bear would come to their villages and kill someone. All newpapers wrote about it and the bear was hunt for so long until  he was killed.
That is crazy, because when I go to the forest everywhere are the signs that tell you that there a bears. So everytime I go for a walk in the forest it is possible that I can see a bear.
My hostdad saw tuns of bears in the forest he told me! It is not a big deal here, but for the People in Germany it was I think.

Hopefully you enjoyed my first entry in English!
I will write in English an German now.
See you soon.


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