Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Only a few days left...

It is time to say see you later. Through all this it has been the best year of my life. I experienced so much and I do not want to leave. I also have seen so much of this beautiful country and learned so much it is unbelievable!
I will miss everybody soooo much! Canadians are way nicer than German! I found so many new internationals friends. My Chinese friend invited me to visit her in China and my Turkish friend wants me to visit her in Ankara, that is so awesome and exciting!!! honestly I can not belief that I am back in Germany, cause I hear all the things my friends are planning to do after I will have left. Some of my friends will go to an hockey game in Victoria or all the internationals are going to visit a canucks game in Vancouver and I am so jealous! But my friends offered me to sleep under their beds so maybe I just stay. I just have to say ey sometimes after a sentence and nobody will know that I am German instead of Canadian. I feel a little bit guilty, because I write to less but honestly I have no idea what I could write at the moment.

Last weekend has been my last weekend in Canada. |On the Saturday we went to Victoria too go to the museum downtown, it was about Canadian history and really interesting! After that we went to a dutch bakery and they had one of the best burger I have ever eaten in my life, besides A&W. On the sunday was my last last hockey game, I really gonna miss that!!! today was my good bye party with some of my friends and it was so sad!! we went bowling and after that we had dinner in a bistro. Btw I was the best in he game, just kidding, they call kegeln bowling, so...
Everybody was able to sign by big, giant flag, now I have this awesome flag where all my friends wrote something down, I love it. I will try to upload a picture tomorrow, after I will have got my surprise. Apparently we will go somewhere tomorrow, but I have no clue where it will be.
 I finally wrote something down, it is not that much but at least something, I am so proud at the moment. I hope you enjoined reading my journal, see ya later


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